Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our year in pictures

2011 started with our remodeling of the gallery...lots of changes happened and it took us the whole month of January. We've streamlined the space, cleaned out the cobwebs. We opened with new hours and moved the office to the upstairs. We love it and hope everyone else does as much as we do.

Our first show of the year was the 9th annual 100 Artist show. 100 clay artists sent plates to the gallery in support of CERF.

Tina and Roz celebrated their birthdays with handmade party hats and fun.

New shops were opened on State Street...we loved the cotton candy!

One of our favorite artists had a baby (Kim Hamblin and baby Cash).

We visited our art that had been placed in public spaces.

We had our 5th Door Show

We met clients in our Gallery 2 space.

We met with ceramic artists at Mahonia Hall (Governors Mansion) and curated a display of their beautiful work. We also had lunch with the First Lady.

Mary Lou visited Chicago

Class reunions

More art placed in public spaces. Thank you Cory and Marni Redding!

Summer Art Fair party

A few visits to the beach house.

August wedding!

Preparing and distressing envelopes for our 100 Artist show

A new business on State Street! Sugar.Sugar.

The gallery was featured on Art Beat!

We had 9 artists Face the Public with a Diego Rivera painting.

Our new addition to the gallery and our home...Meg

A trip to Cuba...this deserves more than one photo

Visits from artists (Diane Culhane)

Another birthday party

Along with crazy photo...

Our Ugly Christmas sweater party!

Christmas decorating and preparing for a new year at the gallery. We appreciate all your support of the gallery and the artists. Have a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2012.

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