Thursday, November 29, 2012

We are giddy with excitement!

Each day we are receiving new artwork from our artists and we're busy placing it out.  We are transitioning back to showing more work in the front of the gallery and can't wait for you to stop in and see.

We are happiest when we can surprise the customer.  We want those that come into shop, feel that they can leave with something special that doesn't break their budget.  We're back with all sorts of fun items that will tickle your fancy.  

Junker Jane Art dolls!

Paula Booth's latest...Mother and Daughter series

Kim Murton's small paintings

Liz McDonald's Swimmer series

and so much more.

Speaking of surprises....Stop into the gallery to view our latest ARTBLOX vending machine! We'll be debuting the machine on First Wednesday.  Be the first on your block to get a block! 

Buy a token and receive an art block that has been created by some of our NW artists.  

We are busy packaging each block.  
Included will be our warning.

WARNING: May cause inspiration, spontaneous laughter or uncontrollable dancing.  If ensuing conversation about art last more than three hours, please contact the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery


Below are just a few of our artist blocks.  Buy a token and take your chance....How fun is this going to be?  











Monday, November 26, 2012

And there's more?

Yes there is.

holiday and love the colorful look.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday at the gallery

We will be celebrating the holidays by filling the gallery with spectacular art.  We will be featuring over 100 Artists and offering holiday shoppers a unique shopping experience.  Here are a few shots showing our transformation into the holiday!
Stop in and support the arts.

Tory Brokenshire's one of a kind art dolls

Katherine Meade's small landscapes

Cubbies are filled with colorful art

Sally Prangley created baskets just for us!

Lights are sparkling and we're ready for the holiday!

Give us a call if you want us to secretly wrap and tag a gift for that special someone.  

We promise to wrap with flair.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunny California

Last week, Tina and I visited Adam and Kristin in sunny California.  Was it ever a shock to our system when we stepped off the plane to drive home.  Sunny temperatures to rain and wind.  

I thought I'd post a few shots showing Salvation Mountain and it's surroundings.  

The color, the sun the company...our time couldn't have been better.

You can tell from these photos...Tina was enjoying her time at the mountain.  

Our first night was under the stars and eating dinner by a fire.  Notice the little jar with the punctured lid?  That's the pet scorpion that joined us.  ugh

On our first day there we went to the canal for a short swim...Maddie thoroughly enjoying herself.

These are photos of sculptures that we found not far from the mountain.  Love the found elements.


We drove to the mud flats or mounds..not sure what they were called.  We dug clay and made pinch pots.  The kids will do a pit fire when they are dry.  I loved getting my hands in the clay!

Kristin and I relaxing.

Adam at the Salton Sea.

A trip to Joshua Tree and of a visit to the Crochet Museum....where else would one go to have a good time.  We loved it. 

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