Sunday, October 30, 2011

Look at this!

We placed the Face the Public painting on the wall in the gallery and can't believe how great it looks! We hope to see you on First Wednesday for our new show and a peak at this finished piece.

New show!

We just finished hanging the new show at the gallery...Explorations III by the late John Casey. I feel fortunate to be having this show, John was one of my professors from Western Oregon and I had kept in touch with him over the years. He was a wonderful man, a talented artist and a good friend. John always encouraged me to do my best with the gallery...his thoughtful teachings helped me understand art and artists. He is truly missed by many.

Day 9 Face the Public

with Carolyn Garcia
What a great Saturday...lots of people stopping in to see Carolyn paint.

She began with thin layers of acrylic

then began adding her lines

adding more layers of paint

Tina and Meg kept close watch...

close up

many colors

Artist at work

Now adding colored pencil over the acrylic..nice detail

Carolyn discusses her painting style with customers

Carolyn's completed square

Our completed sure and call us if you would like to purchase. Remember this, the sale of this piece helps our artist to artist fund where we assist artists in need. If you have a business where you can show off this painting, you are also showing how much your business cares about the community. Give us a call! 503-581-3229
If you are around for First Wednesday, we'll have it on display at the gallery.

Take a look at the original and compare to our beautiful painting!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 8 Face the Public with

Kim Murton.
What can we say? We've never laughed this hard with one of our Face the Public artists! We had lots of people in to see Kim work AND we loved all that she did. Great Job Kim!

The beginnings....pencil lines.

Black lines to define...

Applying color

Mixing colors

The finished square

All together... Thanks Kim for doing such a great job and sharing yourself with us. We had a great time.

one more artist to go. Stop into the gallery on Saturday to visit with our last artist, Carolyn Garcia!
We can't wait.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 7 Face the Public

Jane Aukshunas was at the gallery today adding her talent to our painting. Watching Jane and catching up with her is always a treat for us.
Before we knew it, Jane was fast at it and quickly added colors.

and not long after her arrival, Jane had visitors who love her work and wanted to meet her in person. hence, meeting "her public"!

Back to work.

A brief break for lunch. Meg was keeping close watch for crumbs.

Tools for the day

The completed square

Did we mention how large this painting is? Jane and Tina had to hold while I took the photo.

Wow. It's coming together! Two more to go.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 6 Face the Public

with Robert Schlegel!
We had a great day with Bob....he works fast and layers his colors while adding texture. We love love love his painting and took a zillion shots.

Tools of the trade

Bob's 2011 sketch book

Finishing touches

Painting clothes

The finished square

So far....6 finished squares.

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