Monday, December 31, 2012

Connecting the dots...

We are excited to start the new year and can't wait to bring you all along for the ride.

When writing the title "Connecting the dots..." I couldn't help but think of how we run the gallery.
We love our gallery, our clients and the new people who stop in when visiting our sweet little historic district of downtown Salem. We are connecting our community, our artists, our shows and our neighbors.  In the process, we do feel we've created something pretty great, we feel lucky to be making these dots during the year and hope you feel they are worth connecting.

Our first show will be Jenny Gray and the showing of her delightful paintings.

Jenny Gray - Abstract Color

We will be having opening at our second gallery located at Mary Lou's home.  The reception will be January 11th from 7-9pm.   
Call the gallery and we'll give you the particulars...503-581-3229.

We are trying some things different this year...change is good and we're excited to share our plans.  

To start off...
We will be showing great craft this year in the front of the gallery...filled with Kim Murton, Chris Giffin, Barb Campbell, Stephanie Brockway, Kri Kri Ceramics, Patrick Horsley, Anne Furr, Jen Amos, Tory Brokenshire, Natalie Warrens, Lisa Kesler, Christine Kaser, and many more.  We will still continue showing paintings by the very best in the Northwest.  We'll continue to bring artwork to your workplace or home and will continue to build your collections. 
You can stop in anytime to pick up that artist made gift and surprise that someone with your creative style. 

Don't forget the ARTBLOX!  We'll continue with this all year and hope to raise awareness and money for our artists.  Artists helping Artists...what's better than that.  

As we all move into this New Year and all of us at the gallery wish you the very best...we appreciate all of your support and look forward to sharing our "art experience" with all of you.  

Be part of our dot connection.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So many things to see!

We hope to see you at the gallery.  We will be open Sunday and Monday....right up to Christmas Eve.
Give us a call if you see something you can't live without...we'll wrap it and have it ready for you!

Here's a little peek into our world.


painting by Kim Murton, also her fabulous ceramics

Ceramic houses by Mary Fischer

Shadow boxes by Jen Amos

Ceramic lamp by Natalie Warrens


Ceramic Crows

Elizabeth Frank

Chris Bibby

Natalie Warrens ceramics

"Rock, Scissors, Paper" by Jill Torberson

Shane Blitch ceramics

Katherine Mead

Cool metal "paper airplanes"

Kim Murton Ornaments

Lisa Kesler

Liz McDonald

Rachel Austin

Renee Hartig

Renee Hartig

A close up of a Kristin Kuhns

Renee Hartig

Renee Hartig

Kristin Kuhns

Jane Aukshunas

 Shannon Richardson

Kri Kri studio...vases!

Circa Ceramics 

Kri Kri Ceramics and Paula Booth painting

Renee Hartig

Sally Prangley

We now have young followers of the latest fad...ARTBLOX

Of course....after getting their art blocks they need to discuss the art in the gallery.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We are packed with great artwork!

We just received artwork from Kristin Kuhns, Margaret VanPatton, Liz Gamberg, Alison O'Donoghue and Barb Campbell.   Stop in and see the latest!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

A fun time at the gallery

We unveiled our ARTBLOX vending machine last night and it was a tremendous success!

The first block was an Alison O'Donoghue piece.  

Unwrapping a stunning Jon Jay Cruson...lucky girl!

 Rick Yurk from the BAM Agency takes a chance!  

Rick helped with our branding and packaging of the ARTBLOXS

A happy family shows off their art block

Notice the similarity?  Jon Jay Cruson's art block and his stunning painting on the wall.  Lucky fellow!

Happy owner of a Bonnie Schulte art block!

New art blocks from Shannon Weber!

Holly Ballard Martz

and Diane Culhane.
These all soon will be packaged and placed in the ARTBLOX machine.  Thank you to all the artists for contributing to this experiment in fun.  

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We represent Northwest artists working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, works on paper, ceramics, jewelry and mixed media. Our second gallery features exhibitions on a monthly basis, as well as selected group shows and special exhibitions. To arrange an appointment, please call 503-581-3229 or email; During our years of operating, we have successfully encouraged the broadening and blossoming of the Salem art scene. We are dedicated to serving our clients as well as our artists. The relationships that we cultivate with our clients and our artists have been and will continue to be long and rewarding. We encourage you to take the time to be acquainted with us and take the time to appreciate the art we enjoy so much.