Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meg and I....

drove down to Eugene to visit Beverly Soasey. I drove, Meg rode in the seat next to me and slept the entire time...lucky dog.

There are days like today when I am able to see a studio and feel like I've walked into a wonderful dream. I thiink Meg felt the same way....

We couldn't believe her beautiful home filled with found objects and art from her friends.

Meg had to sit down because she was overwhelmed.

She also decided to scratch herself a nice little resting spot while I picked out work to bring back to the gallery.

Here are a few of the fabulous pieces...they will be out and ready for YOU to see on Tuesday.

This wall piece was created after Bev went beachcombing on the Oregon Coast. She told me that she couldn't believe all the white pieces of plastic she found all together. I love the bird on the top (all this horrible plastic affects all of our bird life!) and the wishbones at the bottom...wishing for things to change.

I love this birdhouse on a vintage skate...notice her little details and the whistle!

These sweet little wall vases in test tubes are amazing....the dried objects can be taken out and replaced with fresh flowers.. oh my.

These little objects are just plain wonderful....they hold bits of nature and stand alone or in a group. These photos don't give them justice...a must see in person.

Bev also told me about these wall pieces made from recycled cardboard that she found while at IKEA. I love her re-using of this cardboard and her imagination! Move over Dan May!

Last but not least...Bev has made these wonderful necklaces using found objects. She calls them "Objects of Desire". Take a close look at the knife, bottle opener and religious icons. What a perfect combination for a necklace because you never know when you may need these items.... First...blow the whistle to alert everyone letting them know of your arrival, open your drink with the opener, defend yourself with the knife and then say a prayer....I think that's perfect!

Bev is truely one of the best found object artists I know.


stephanie brockway said...

Wow what a range of talent!
Steph b

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun show! xo BH

leftedge said...

mary lou, thanks for sharing your visit to her studio. lovely. lovely objects d'art. saw her work with carol hausser at the linn benton cc invitational last winter. (sloy & nic)

Mary Lou Zeek said...

When meeting with Beverly, we discussed having a show with Salem Artists and Eugene Artists...visiting studios/homes over a course of 6 months and then having a show at the gallery of works by the 6...I'm hoping you two will be in on this. ml

shannon weber said...

Oh...darn you got my Ikea bird! It Was another great sale! Glad you got to visit Bev's studio it's the best!

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