Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Morning walk in the hood...

Looking out from our back porch and seeing the sun, I couldn't help but grab my camera and take it to the streets...our neighborhood that is. The sun was out, the air was cool and I couldn't help but notice how everyone had chairs out in their front yards. This pretty much sums up the people who live here...friendly and sitting out in front of their homes in the evenings, greeting everyone who takes their included.

I also noticed gardens...


a garden where one can leave a tile message

and two little neighborhood friends who joined me on my walk.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

It's hot and what the heck.

Today a lady came into the gallery asking about a painting...Lady says...."it's a oil pastel and you had it years ago on the wall". Anything else you can tell us about this "painting that we had years ago and should remember?"'s hot and there are days like this.

Artful hoarding?

Today we loaded up our globes for a friend to use for a fundraiser. As we pulled out the various spheres that were sitting all over the house AND the basement I thought......oh my. Take a guess of how many we have...they aren't all in this car either, we still have more. oh my again.
Each one has something unique...a base that has an airplane or the one that was a sweet little bank. I'm just going to call this "Artful Hoarding" and be okay with this. okay then.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Not very often do we get to escape the gallery and go over to the beach. This weekend it was HOT, HOT, HOT so a perfect time to get away. Of course everyone else thought the same thing and we were stuck in traffic for an hour longer than usual.
The best part of this was stopping near this car that is perched in a tree. hmmmm.....we had a fun discussion about this.

Arriving at the beach house always makes us smile. We see many projects that originated from the gallery such as this large ART sign from our "Different Spokes" show.

We have baseball bats that are the balusters for the stairs. My husband was a baseball coach for many years and has quite a collection of these various bats and it seemed logical to use them this way. Recycle and reusing at its best.

We spent some time visiting various places that are near our house...this is Barking Dog Farm. Heidi Erickson has her studio in a huge barn plus has fabulous organic vegetables for purchasing. We were able to catch up on how Tracy MacEwan was progressing and then started planning an event for October to help benefit Tracy.

We are always visiting our artist friends, discussing art and visiting artful locations so we never leave the gallery far behind.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Facing the Public...

as many know, we do our Face the Public event during the month of October. For this annual show, we have artists from the gallery come in during the month and they paint a small section on one panel. When all artists are done painting their square the completed piece represents a famous painting.

After it is finished, the painting is displayed in the gallery and is offered for sale. When or if the painting sells, we are able to help "artists in need" throughout the year from the proceeds. These artists that donate their time have helped with funeral costs and have assisted fellow artists who have gone through chemotherapy. We have helped those that have had surgeries while others who have had to deal with overwhelming medical costs.

This year one of our artists, Tracy MacEwan had a serious stroke and has been in critical care for quite some time. Tracy always has been in our Face the Public exhibits and would be one of the first artists to say "yes" when asked to come and paint for a day.
We always loved having him here with us...his cheerful demeanor, compassion for the arts, and love for life brought clients in when he would paint for the day, everyone loved seeing Tracy. I know he would be happy to know that we were able to contribute to his paypal account from our Face the Public sales.

This year means much more to us than ever when planning this upcoming show. We all have Tracy in our thoughts and talk about him each you can tell, he's one of our favorite artists from the gallery.

So where am I going with this crazy conversation? Well.....yesterday was a wonderful day. Out of the blue, one of our clients was looking for a particular piece to "fit a space" and in discussing what would work best we pulled out "Cape Cod Morning" by Edward Hopper (painted by 12 different artists 2 years ago). The client gasped and said..."This is it". She was thrilled to have a section that had been painted by each of her favorite artists and loved knowing that her purchase was going to our "artist in need fund".
What a happy day for us all. Get well soon Tracy, we love you.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Art Park Fun.

We celebrated summer and our Art Park by having dinners out in front of the gallery.

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