Monday, April 26, 2010

Robin and John Gumaelius recently

had a wonderful show at Western Oregon University. I definitely had "gallery space envy" but was extremely proud of all of their work.

Here are a few close-ups!

Also last week....We had a small opening for our friend Nancy Lindburg at Gallery 2. This show we titled "Informal Conversations" and as you can tell....that's what it was, all about her wonderful work.

AND....over the weekend we drove to Portland to visit Adam and Kristin (our youngest son and his girlfriend). They had just built this "Art" chicken house...or should I say the most creative chicken coop I've ever seen! Their dog Gramps loves hanging out with the chicks!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Gallery 2

We recently had a small intimate reception for Deborah DeWit and shared her latest paintings from her Wetland series. This took place after the showing of Wetlands-Seasons of Mind, a film about art and the environment...a must see.

To find out more:

If you are interested in seeing these the gallery for an appointment, they all are spectacular!

Take a "close-up" sneak peak at these paintings....


"Dark Morning"



"Invasive Species"

"Lost" One of MY Favorites!

"Meeting the Flood"

"The Good Fire"

Outside the gallery!

Recently we placed artwork at the Eye Care Physicians and Surgeons Building and LOVE that they chose to have original artwork. This shows commitment by businesses in our area! Thank you!

The building looks fantastic with many art touches!

I love being involved with these type of projects...I know if I have to sit in a waiting room I would want to be surrounded by artwork that would take my mind off of why I was visiting the doctor's office....wouldn't you?

Thank you Eye Care Physicians and Surgeons!!
Darcie Leighty's Landscape

Pat Horsley's Ceramic Platter

Robert Schlegel's houses!

House Project!

We just finished (my husband and I) making an art piece for an auction.
I feel pretty lucky with this...Alan does the work and I get to have the fun. He doesn't think of it that way (so shhhhhhhh) because for him, to build and work with "putting things together" .....that's fun for him. For me.... I would much rather do the art side of things..seems to work out for the two of us.
The images are from old photos from my family using a transfer method, I added some writing and then painted over the images with oils. Adding the wheels was the final touch...rolling house.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Opening night

for Shannon Richardson was Wednesday evening with great attendance.
Shannon was darling as usual! I know this girl has special talents not only with painting but connecting with people. Her intelligent wit and charm brought smiles to many while they viewed this beautiful body of work.

Comments about the content, the richness of color and painting style were conversations heard throughout the gallery all evening. I know that I'm enriched not only by her paintings but also by her friendship.

Anna Peterson For Mayor!!!!!!
Recently we had Anna stop by Gallery 2 for a "Meet and Greet" and discuss her upcoming race for Mayor.
I love Anna and do appreciate her support for the arts!

And then there is Edwin...Anna's husband! What a great guy. We had quite a group at the gallery during our opening!

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