Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Worry of the day...Kim Murton

Our friend and artist Kim Murton has been creating "worry of the day" for over one year.
For our holiday month, we asked Kim to create a few of these for the gallery. We love them and if you want to see more...go to her blog...funny to read and some good belly laughs.
Here are a few....

Look for more under her name on our artist page.

We also have some wonderful "small paintings" by Anna Mcgruder! I'm sure she was in my high school class!

Kim Hamblin dropped off a few pieces that are in her "nesting series"..I think because she's pregnant these are dear to her.
I love them all. Check them out on her artist page!

Last but not least...we have these wonderful little paintings by Elizabeth Bauman, all 6" x 6" and very sweet.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Rainy day...

But...we are bright on the inside! I just had to take some shots to show how great the gallery looks and feels. Everytime I walk in the door, I am greeted by these walls...color, character and texture. I had to take a picture. Reminds me of having warm soup on a cold day. yum.

Even Frida looks happy to be inside where it's warm.

Take a close up look at this Michele Maule painting...love the detail.

Just in...new jewelry by AMUCK!
Bryan and Andrea covet pieces from city streets and random locales; items like street signs and license plates. They then combine their treasured findings with precious metals to create their unique style of fine art jewelry.
You've got to love this!

Also...this sweet little bowl by Jenny Mendes! She so "rocks" as a potter!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Roz on assignment....

Over the weekend, our Roz (fashion diva slash art correspondent) was up in Seattle, Washington for a few days and shot some great photos. This first image shows the creative energy of Anthropology clothing store...just genius and out of the box thinking!

Next are shots at the market. A great way to light using sculpture.

Saving the best for last...Roz got some fantastic shots of the bubblegum wall!

Now some people may say...what the heck. We say, art is everywhere! Thanks Roz!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Man Cans and Boy Toys...What??????

The show for this month is right up my alley...no, not the Man Cans name but all the ceramics, textures and colors! I love seeing the various surfaces on all of these pieces and how many firings each piece must go through before it's finished.
Being a potter for many years, I feel that I'm back at home when looking at all of these pieces. I find myself going off into a "teaching mode" when describing how these were created.

If you are looking for a "statement piece" for that loft or entry, these pieces will bring lots of conversation to the table....yes, you can place these on your table!

This is Jasper (Jim's 2 year old son)...the inspiration for all this amazing work!

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