Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Art Mail is here and we have some...

exciting news!!!! I have submitted my "Art-Mail" postcards for the Salem Art Association"s "Project Space" and they have given me two rooms during the month of July to create an installation.

As part of this installation I would like to encourage artists to create their own "art mail" cards and send them to us. Not a big deal...just a postcard that you could make...jot a note on the back and send it to the gallery.

My proposal includes converstations with artists (you), the community and myself....what can we say using postcards as our canvas and having them pass through many hands?

When a postcard is mailed don't you wonder who may take a second to read what is written on the back? Sneaking a peak..... I do. Usually the words are non-discript..."having a good time", "wish you were here", "enjoying the scenery"....nothing that is too personal....What if there was something that was written or created that made us stop to think. Art SHOULD stop us, make us pause..... that is why I'm creating these cards and why I'd love for all of you to join me in this show....nothing big, just a postcard...out there for anyone to see...passing through many hands...pushing the limits and exposing those that "sneak a peak" to ART .

The other part of my installation will ask those that visit to make their own "Art-Mail", BUT....(you know there is always a catch with me) they will not be able to take the card home with them. They will have to address the card and send it out right away. I'm hoping that this might help people understand the artist's perspective of "creating" and then having to part with the finished piece -even if they love it.

It's just a small piece of mail, but who knows - we may change the world - just a little...I'm a postive thinker.

Send me a postcard by July 12th...Mary Lou Zeek Gallery-335 State Street-Salem, Oregon 97301 (I'll personally send you one of mine back!)

Mary Lou

Commissions sometimes aren't so easy....

but when working with Seattle artist Steven Gardner it has been a wonderful experience.
I have been hired to be the "art consultant" for the new Kroc Center that is being built north of Salem. What a spectacular building!
Steve is creating a terracotta wall sculpture that will be mounted into the fireplace. Steve and Randy Curtis are shown here discussing measurements.

Me? I'm just behind the camera smiling...art in public spaces, that makes me very happy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More for the Bra Ball!

We now have our second bra for our "Bra Ball". This was donated by Renee Hartig in memory of her Great aunt Irmi Wenner.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It was a sad day....

Last night while fixing dinner I heard a giant crash come from our living room. A large painting had fallen down from over our fireplace, taking out three of my favorite ceramic pieces.
All I could do was pick up the pieces and cry. At the gallery I always tell people of "connections" to the art and the artist. For them to know how art is created...who made the artwork...know the soul of the piece. These were my good friends. Sad day at my house.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

It was a hot night....

...but we debuted our "Art-Mail"l machine with MiKayla as our "talking machine".

Despite the loud music that was being played in front of the shop next door, "Art-Mail" was a success!

We only had my cards along with a few from "Emerging artist" Allison Kerst for this first time but do hope to encourage other artists to contribute for the next First Wednesday. Let me know if you are interested and I'll give you the scoop!

Why? Let's spread "the love" for art!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Art Mail

I love creating art but find that running a gallery can take up most of my free time. Understand that I do LOVE what I do but find that people who knew me in my "previous life" ask the same question...."are you going to ever go back to making pots?" "Don't you miss making art?"....don't you miss "being creative".

My response is to tell them that running the gallery has kept me thinking creatively every minute of the day. Maybe not making the traditional art but thinking of how we can push the limits with our artists. Each month we plan shows, create show cards, mailers (remember us sending a can through the mail?) We are always looking for ways to stand out in the crowd.

Well....we do have another fun idea up our sleeves and I've been having a great time making "art mail" postcards for our new "Mail Art" machine. This fine tuned, person run, wacky but fun machine will be making it's debut on First Wednesday.

This is one of the many cards that I've made for this "Mail Art" machine...random but fun. Stop by to see it in action Wednesday evening.

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