Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's our last week for Art in Communication...

and it's been fantastic. We have had more people than ever coming into the gallery and commenting on all the great work by these artists.
The letters have been read, the bids have been placed and we are in our final week of the show. Please look over these last artworks and call or email us with your bid. It's hard to believe that after so many months of planning, our show is ready to close...ten years of bringing artists together to support a cause. Thank you to everyone!

Look these over, give us a call: 503-581-3229 or email:'ll tell you more about the artists! Bidding closes on Friday, March 2nd at 5:00 pm. Happy Bidding!

#91 Sue Mason/ceramic with dimension.

#92 Aaron Kramer/turn the handle and see the art become interactive!

#93 Christine Alvarado/We love the story behind this wonderful piece.

#94 Mary Fischer/this small clay piece is a whistle...blow it and hear a wonderful tone.

#95 Alex Mitchell/Alex is from Spain and has created a storybook piece. Beautiful!

#96 Sue Favinger Smith/ a stunning painting

#97 Rebecca Roberts/We love the story of catching fireflies.

#98 Leslie Peterson/Looking close to see the letter behind this beautiful painting

#99 Willy Paul/We love the beautiful photographs of this veteran memorial. It's a wonderful tribute.

#100 Kris Paul/The story teller with book included.

#101 Diane Trivett/beautiful painting

#102 Joshua Stringer/Up close this has many layers upon layers..detailed stitching and collage

#103 Sandy Hageman/beautiful oil painting..makes us wish for summer!

#104 Marilyn Krug/gold leaf, stunning

#105 Paula Joerling/wonderful collage

#106 Shelley Curtis/This handcrafted letter holder pays tribute to our communication theme.

#107 Tammy Marinuzzi/After reading the story of the three sisters selling fruit, we can't help but love these three ceramic pieces!

#108 Stephanie Brockway/Stephanie's wonderful wood assemblage brings a smile to everyone's face.

#109 Anna Magruder/beautiful painting layered over the letter

#110 Katherine Mead/This is one of our favorites. Katherine's sense of design captures the viewer.

#111 Nancy Eng/ sweet

#112 Crystal Neubauer/ This piece has many details

#113 Patricia Giraud/Gorgeous piece that is our "poster child" for our show. Letters and communication!

#114 Sally Prangley/This detailed wire question mark has been getting lots of attention

#115 Christine Kaiser/We love Christine's work and her detailed drawing on the wood

#116 Lucy Hewitt/Ceramic sculpture that tells a story

#117 Barb Frels/This ceramic piece tells a great story of hibernation

#118 Jill Torberson/assemblage

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Art In Communication. Bidding continues!

Here are the pieces whose bids will end on this Friday, February 24th at 5:00 pm. You can call the gallery or email us for the status on the pieces you love and would like to place a bid!
Just call us with the number of the piece or the artist name...we'll do the rest! Happy bidding!

#61 Sanchez, Grace – Aloha, OR
Sweet, detailed collage

#62 Schlegel, Robert – Banks, OR
This piece is getting a lot of attention!

#63 Schulte, Bonnie – Salem, OR
Up close and personal on this piece...this is all painted onto the surface, detailed and wonderful.

#64 Skrips, William – Blairstown, NJ
What can we even start saying about Bill Skrips work. This piece is fantastic!

#65 Soasey, Beverly – Eugene, OR
Bev's work captures the found object like no other.

#66 Sorenson, Jacob – Portland, OR
This one's a sleeper. Jacob is such a talented artist and this piece is something to grab before this guy becomes famous!

#67 Speckman, Kate – Salem, OR
Kate carves into her porcelain after painting with a black slip. Detailed and wonderful!

#68 Stuart, Emily – Salem, OR
What more can we say about Emily. Her work speaks for itself.

#69 Thomas, Jed – Salem, OR
What a great little oil by Jed Thomas!

#70 Warren, Jo – Eugene, OR
Jo is such a talented photographer, her serene shots pull the viewer into the piece.

#71 Weiss, Marjorie – Kingston, RI
Marjorie's piece is extremely detailed and is getting lots of attention!

#72 Weston, Melanie – Salem, OR
Melanie's combination of shapes and collage elements are wonderful!

#74 Worden, Jen-New Germany, Nova Scotia
I love this piece!

#75 Wynn, Jane – Parkville, MD
Jane captures the "communication" element with this wonderful, mind provoking piece.

#76 Alan and Mary Lou Zeek, Salem, Oregon
What can I say about our piece? We loved making it and hope someone else loves it too.

#77 Lynn Whipple, Winterpark, FL
Such a Lynn piece. Capturing a letter in a bottle.

#78 Nancy Lindburg, Salem,OR
Nancy's artwork is stunning.

#81 Elizabeth Bauman, Salem, OR
We love Elizabeth's piece and admire her thoughtful conversations with the

#82 Lissa Herschleb, San Rafael, CA
Can I even say how much I LOVE this piece and am sure there will be bidding war!

#83 Babette Harvey, Portland, OR
Babette's clay book is detailed and would be perfect for that beach loving person.

#84 Anne Goodrich, Portland, OR
Anne's flower sculpture is stunning

#85 Elizabeth McDonald, Portland, OR
I can say I also LOVE this wonderful little painting. Colorful and great figure painting.

#86 Karen Runkel, Salem, OR
Karen has capture the art of conversation in this lovely piece.

#87 Aislinn Adams, Salem, OR
Aislinn's attention to detail is incredible.

#88 Melissa McCoy, Salem, OR
Melissa was able to capture her art partner's letter perfectly.

#89 Haney, Tom – Atlanta, GA
Amazing sculpture with a door that opens and closes. This hand carved figure is wonderful and captivating.

#90 Harold Mason, Monmouth, OR
This piece one needs to view up close to see the detail that has been executed in Harold's drawing!

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