Monday, June 25, 2012

Hunting for treasures

at Cherry City Metal with our friend/artist Dave Andersen. It was his first "much anticipated" visit to see tons and tons of discarded metal.


Even the parking sign fits the place. Dirty, rusty and fun.


I was looking for pieces to finish a large wall piece but was totally distracted by all the possible photos images. I LOVE this large piece and couldn't stop thinking of how great it would be in a sculpture.  The big problem...anyone have a fork lift?  I think it's at least 12' across.


 This was another object that caught my eye.  A giant circular bed or backyard hangout with a GIANT cushion?  Dave suggested it be flipped over and used for a roof.


 I wasn't quite sure what this was but I loved the shape and the ridges.


 Need a motor? or two or three?  This was just plain silly.


 This was when I stopped looking for objects to buy and was mesmerized by shapes and photographing the various lines.


Theres something about the slight change of color that intrigued me.  


I was having a great time until this guy told me I wasn't to take pictures (of course he had no explanation as to why I shouldn't) I decided to take one of him.


I continued taking photos when he wasn't looking.  Now that's the convenience of an iphone.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What a shot!

This photo was taken by our talented neighbor ( know who you are!). Truly an artist.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The grass is greener....

in downtown Salem. Today we decided to "green things up" by laying sod in front of our businesses. We already feel the calming effect green can give us...yes, it does soften the edges of those downtown streets. Thank you Will Bragg for taking these photos! We hope to see you soon on the BEST STREET IN SALEM!

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