Monday, April 23, 2012

On a walk today

and I started out with my little sidekick Meg but she pooped out and had to hitch a ride. I had my camera with me and couldn't keep my mind from thinking. I decided, why not take shots of all the signs I see with the letters A R T in them.....
Crazy as this sounds, it was fun seeing the different letter styles, etc.
A man came out of the building where I was taking photos (in a fancy suit) and asked me "What are you doing? Can I help you?" After explaining, I'm sure he thought I was a bit crazy but was relieved to know I wasn't taking shots for an insurance company or taking sneaky photos of his building.
That's me on the left.
more signs
Cherry blossoms in bloom.
Signs where you find the A R T letters.
Love this random.
This isn't me.
But this is...shadow on the bridge.
more letters
Love this.
Great patterns
Here's a tough one...unscramble
After taking all of these photos, I began to think that maybe those with the letters A R T in their names should have art inside their buildings.
Then realizing that my name doesn't have a T in it, I would need to do some changing of my name to make this rule happen.....I'm now thinking of a middle name for myself starting with a T. Suggestions?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our next show.....

Our May show has so much packed into it...14 artists, 14 studio visits, 1 amazing book, 5 wonderful sponsors, 1 talented photographer...we are excited!
Here is the photo that Will took of me...oh my. I'm going to all these studios and asking these artists to relax, don't worry about it...we'll just take a zillion shots of you. Now it was my turn, just having one shot made me a wreck. Thanks Will for making it seem easy.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Studio Visits continued.

Will and I finally completed our last studio visits for our May show "Beyond the Gallery Door and Into the Studios" Here is Susan Trueblood Stuart and her beautiful home and studio.
This is Sandra and Dave Nichols (nic and sloy)...what a way to end our inspiring.

Street Art?

Lately we've been having tons of workers out on our sidewalks. The plan is to fix the curbs and other things that should have been done over the winter months. Now, lucky us...they want to do this in the prime part of our only sunshine...summer. ugh. Here are some shots of the markings they need to do for cable, electrical, gas and who knows what else...underground residences, subterranean cultures and the Salem underground coffee culture. I'm trying to look at this as abstract art...but why do they get to do this in the broad daylight, not be told to "clean it within 24hours" while there are amazing artists who are taken to grudge for the day.

Art in the Workplace...

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to "judge" for a competition at Sherman, Sherman, Johnnie & Hoyt Law Firm. They seem to do activities in their office that not only benefits a local charity or community but also brings their staff together. This activity involved...$200 to buy food and build a sculpture of the Statue of Liberty using these purchased foods. I heard there was some "secret building" after work, hoarding of coupons and how the winners were treated to breakfast cooked by the losers. Boy...did I have some pressure. Here is one of the sculptures...pretty cool. Clearly you can see the Statue of Liberty.
Here is the other team's you can see, they were the lucky winners AFTER they took off the green fabric and exposed lots more food plus....they did have some interesting details.
Such as....the cereal box of Mary Lou Retton...Were they swaying my decision with this? Well, maybe.
After everything was over, the winning team celebrated with lots of "We're the best", etc. they all should celebrate by having a wonderful law office that believes in community and getting to know one another better with a fun "team building" time together. To me it's obvious when I visit them...they are a wonderful staff who seriously likes one another. Last but not least....they then donated all the food to the Marion Polk Food Share.

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