Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jane Aukshunas!

Happy Halloween!  We were delighted to have Jane visit the gallery to paint the last square in our Face the Public painting.
Purple wig, crazy striped stockings...Jane came prepared to startle those that dropped by to watch her paint.

Shot from above, Janes starts her painting laying down a black undercoat.


Jane worked in pastel today...many layers of color.

Jane studies.

How many layers do you see...

Where's the real Jane.

Our completed piece.  Hope you can stop by to see it.

Sue-Del McCulloch

came into the gallery and painted the 8th square on our Face the Public Painting.
Unfortunately, I just flew home from South Carolina and scurried down to the gallery to take some photo shots but....she was fast and had quite a bit done already!

Notice the beautiful Sue-Del painting above her arm?  

We chose this square for her because we knew she would do something great for the painting on the wall.....anticipation.  

As we talked with her she said she was circling around the painting on the wall..trying to decide what to do.  

She came equipped with her arsenal of paints.

and created a colorful palette.

We made her pose many times!

All done and a perfect touch of Sue-Del on the Van Gogh wall.  

One more to go....Jane Aukshunas arrives today, October 31st. 
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Alison O'Donoghue

was at the gallery today.  It is always fun when Alison comes in...we laugh, talk non-stop and never want her to go.
Today she brought her little dog Chewy...he didn't feel like staying in place though.

 Alison began her square by painting the entire area with a dark brown acrylic.  

We love taking photos from above.  

Alison began by laying out the design and added her usual bright colors and layers onto the black.  
She was really fast or else we were distracted by Chewy.

We did ask Alison to paint a couple of blocks for secret to what we are doing BUT we are excited and can't wait to show off our "secret" in December.  

Alison added her finishing touches to the blanket and Alison!

Only two more squares to go!

Thank you Alison for a great day.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Carolyn Garcia

WAS here at the gallery but for some unknown reason...the photos have vanished from my camera.
I am disappointed because Carolyn was so beautiful...sitting at the easel all afternoon, striking, in her bright orange top, darling boots with layers of stockings.  We watched her non-stop because we couldn't take our eyes off of her and her detailed painting.

Her layering was amazing...acrylic washes, colored pencil, medium and then more colored pencil on top.

Imagine her sitting here....

Here is the completed painting so far.  

Sorry Carolyn..we were so proud of our photos of you!

Christopher Bibby

arrived at the gallery last Thursday and completed his square in just a couple of hours.

First laying down the undercolor.

I think I talked too much and he needed to tune me out...not.

Me making Chris pose for me....very cheesey.

I love seeing how an artist applies color.

The many tools and brushes.

Very different then the square below.

Great shot.

almost done

color palette

Chris adds the finishing touches

The completed square.

6 completed so far...only three more to go.

Stop by the gallery to visit these artists while they paint!  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My book on Salvation Mountain

is finished.

I wanted to document my trip down to Niland, California where we spent a few days photographing.
My son Adam and his girlfriend Kristin Allen are on-site managers of this amazing Folk Art destination.  Don't get freaked out seeing all the religious messages but look beyond, to the dedication of a single man creating his art.
I hope you enjoy seeing this.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Elizabeth Bauman

painted in the gallery today.

It was a beautiful Fall afternoon.  Our door was open and the sun was shining through to our painting.  It was a good day with Elizabeth.

Beginning with a base color, Elizabeth began painting her square.

She began adding more colors and details.

She soon began the taping off the smaller areas and began painting the small paintings...guess who.

Elizabeth's selection of paints and brushes.

Below is her completed square!  We love how Elizabeth painted in her own style.

Below is Elizabeth's painting that is on display during the show.

We also got a text from Robert Schlegel telling us that he was standing in front of the original painting while visiting the d' Orsay Museum in France!  Lucky guy!

Here's his photo.

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