Sunday, June 30, 2013

Everyone loves a dog....

so how can you NOT resist our July show titled Sit- Stay, paintings by Don Gray.

As I look at each piece, I know the feeling and memory of seeing these exact poses.  Even though Winslow doesn't resemble my dog Meg...I see Meg in each of these paintings.

The "Sunchaser" and "Light Wedge"
Everyone has seen their dog get up and down from a nap to find that new spot that resembles a warm blanket of sun. Warming of old bones and embracing the sunlight, these two paintings capture it.  

"The Doorway"
Moving out of the way reluctantly, glancing back to give that "really?, do I have to move when I was so comfortable" look.  

"I Own the Place"
I've seen this look many times after moving from my chair and then finding Meg in the soft place that still held my warmth.  She'll  open one eye to look at me, knowing that she might need to move.   If I get a "one eye look" she knows I'll let her stay and I'll move somewhere else.  

"Late Morning"  
After a good walk, I return to find the dogs sitting in the best places in the house.  They all find the sunshine and take their naps, only moving when the daylight moves around the room.  

We all have this happen with our dogs...They slightly turn their heads to listen in on our conversations, waiting for those key words of "Ball, get your toy, walk, treat or dinner". 

"The Tunnel Inspector"
Dogs sniff, run, play and find things we overlook everyday.  

Let's admit it...we all talk to our dogs and expect them to understand everything we say.  We call them our friends and they do love us unconditionally.  

"Under the Table"
I bring my dogs to work with me...they sit under the table, on the desk or in their beds.  They really don't care where we are...they just want to be near us.  

"The Visitor"
Over the last year, Meg has had a visitor and pretty much acts like she could care less about having him around.  At least that's what we think.  Deep down I think she really does like having him around but pretends she doesn't.  Strange little girl.  

Here are a few shots of Winslow, running sniffing and excited to have met us.  He will be visiting the gallery on First Wednesday along with his master...painter Don Gray.  Stop in and see this wonderful show.  


Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Beginnings....

A gallery without walls. A time for change. 
Think of us as you always have. Great art. Fun shows. 
Wonderful artists. New art all the time.
Willing to give you guidance. Available to show you something new. And always ready to do something outside the box. Except now, our gallery isn’t just in one place. It can be anywhere.
Always different.
Nothing permanent.
Well, except for our appointment-only gallery nearby on Fairmount Hill.

As all of you know. . . I love our downtown and feel such a close connection with so many members of our downtown “family”. We offer support, help each other stay on top of what is happening, and play a part in making downtown a great place for people to come to. I see great potential in the direction Salem is heading and know that our town can’t be vibrant without the small home grown businesses and close connections we share. The success of the downtown begins with each and every one of you.

For twelve years, I’ve built a gallery that reflected both my passion for the arts and my eagerness to partner with other businesses to make downtown better. I think the success of the gallery has come because of my close connections with my artists, my clients and my business “neighbors”. I have so many great memories of events and shows that went beyond the gallery doors and included so many of you.

I am writing this to let you know that I am looking forward to more shows that involve partnership with downtown businesses. I am anticipating fun events that involve many of you. However, I won’t be quite as close of a neighbor to you as I am now. As of September 1st, I am relocating my gallery to the exhibition space that I have at home. I will continue representing many of the artists I currently showcase. Without the need for consistent retail hours I will be able to more effectively serve the clients who come to me for art consultations.

You’ll still see me downtown. You’ll still hear me supporting events that strengthen our downtown. From the beginning of the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery, I’ve often had to go “beyond the gallery doors” in order to pull of the shows I dreamed up and to support art and artists in the way that I wanted to. Now I’m going “beyond the gallery doors” in a different way, and I’m excited by the opportunities this will provide in expanding the work I’ve done in doing art consultations and in how I support artists.
I will miss the excitement of the “old neighborhood”, but look for me to be a frequent visitor!

About Mary Lou Zeek

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We represent Northwest artists working in a variety of media including painting, sculpture, works on paper, ceramics, jewelry and mixed media. Our second gallery features exhibitions on a monthly basis, as well as selected group shows and special exhibitions. To arrange an appointment, please call 503-581-3229 or email; During our years of operating, we have successfully encouraged the broadening and blossoming of the Salem art scene. We are dedicated to serving our clients as well as our artists. The relationships that we cultivate with our clients and our artists have been and will continue to be long and rewarding. We encourage you to take the time to be acquainted with us and take the time to appreciate the art we enjoy so much.