Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Art and Office

Art + Office

How many of you have gone to an appointment and have endured a waiting room looking at poster art?  I hear about this all the time.
Fortunately, I'm seeing a change.  This summer has been busy with clients who understand the importance of art in their workplace.  

Budgeting for art always seems to be the first item cut when there are construction delays and unsuspecting costs.  
Don't get me wrong, I understand budgets but....please, don't forget about the art.  It IS important for those that work in those offices and for those of us that sit and wait for appointments.  

When I'm called to look at an office space, I go through many steps before actually taking the art for them to see.   


How do we begin?

Either we have the artwork at our gallery, or we commission a piece by one of our artists.   I do have wonderful clients who LOVE art and understand that searching for that perfect piece of art is worth the wait.  

Our first contact is visiting the client at their office.  I look over the locations, then take photos of the various areas in the office.   

After doing this, I contact an artist whose work I think would be a good fit for this particular office space.  I am able to place a variety of images using a photoshop technique for the client to see and compare.   I ask of them, imagine sitting there, how does this make you feel, anxious or relaxed?   

Once we narrow down the choices, I take the actual piece of art into the office for the clients to see in person. Questions we consider: "Who are your clients? Are you looking for a calm waiting room or something that energizes your employees."  We try to consider every angle.  
And here is our actual hanging of the art.  

From small offices to

Large Buildings

When working along side the buildersarchitects and clients, we like to start at ground level.  (that's me in the corner...A is for Art!)

Budgets and proposals are taken into consideration when working with our clients. We work with local artists, and keep our standards high.

We actually do a happy dance and jump with excitement when we finally place the artwork.

Studio hopping

....they come in all shapes and sizes.

We recently drove to see Robert Schlegel

countryside and bee boxes

to Grey Dog Studio

The eclectic studio has oddities surrounding it (clay heads on fence posts, a tuba for another post topper.)  Once walking inside, we are greeted by two serious artists.  
Bob and Bill Schegel (brothers)

Bob's studio is filled with brushes, paints and sketches everywhere!

Bill's studio is filled with inspiration.

Grey Dog Studio is an entire house dedicated to art and studio space.
We noted that not every kitchen has a place to hang wet paint brushes!

Bob's newest work, ready for my taking!

Painting in progress by Bill

Also visiting...

Rob Bibler and Carol Hausser

When visiting Rob and Carol, one can see the marriage of the studio and their home.  It's a perfect transition from one to the other.
Walking from the kitchen, up the wide stairs, such anticipation...

Skylights, finished floors and a large area for spreading out.  This studio which was just completed is perfect for these two artists.

Living and breathing art.

Carol Hausser's completed watercolor and below are her favorite tools.

Rob gives us a tour and discusses the importance of lighting with Jed Thomas

Delights are in every corner.

Are you interested in placing art in your home or office?
Give us a call, 503-581-3229  

Click on our website to see wonderful art, we will be more than happy to show off these talented people.  

I-5 Travel
Visit the Laura Russo Gallery in Portland
(NW 21st Street...You won't be disappointed!)
See the latest work by George Green!  

You need to be up close and personal with George's work...
Talent oozes from this guy.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

  Local is good, supporting the community is great, loving art is fantastic!

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