Sunday, January 29, 2012

We are ready!

We spent the day organizing all the little parts that bring this show together.
First are the letters which will be in individual folders by artist name. If someone wants to see the "inspiration" for the artwork, they can read the letter. We also have included artist statements and business cards.

Here are a few of the letters

Next are the bid books, each ending different times during the month.

Another task was to place names next to each piece with a number so people can reference the artwork with the artist.

For part of the "communication" piece, we have a suitcase full of stationery. We are asking the public to write letters or notes to the artists. Maybe give feedback or just say how much they enjoyed the artwork the artist made for the show. We will then send these letters to the artists. Another link to our letter writing.

We straightened up and are happy with how things looked.

If you look close at these walls, they are gridded to fit each 12" x 12" piece. You may notice on this wall that some of our artists created pieces larger than the 12" x 12"....we love them anyway.

A few pieces had to extend above the grid.

We think the show looks great...outside looking in.

Two late is Doug Dacar's porcelain letter tablet. He said it's his own made up language.

and...Jacob Sorenson's film projector that when turning the handle a light blinks behind the film. Pretty cool.

Hanging the show....a late night for all

Last night we thought we would spend some time placing a grid on the walls of the gallery. That's all we planned to do since Sunday we would spend doing the hanging of the artwork.

All the squares are 14" x 14", planned out so each person had their own personal space to shine. But after doing the grid, we thought...let's just bring the work out and see how one looks on the wall.

okay...maybe one more.

and another....

We couldn't get enough...we loved everything we touched.

Suddenly we hit the wall and will go back's going to be an amazing show.

Monday, January 23, 2012

We are almost ready...

for the 100 Artist Show and we think this one is the best ever!
Here are a few more photos of artists work...

Tom Haney

Katherine Mead

Diane Trivett

Jane Wynn

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

100 Artists continued...

We are unpacking boxes each day and are amazed at the fantastic work that has come into the gallery for our show.
Not all of the images are up because we are still photographing, sizing the images so they can go online. Below are some of the pieces...but not all!
Take a look at what Pamela Huntington wrote on her blog to see her take on this show

Pamela Huntington

Mark Flowers

Lynn Whipple

Melanie Weston

Nicole McConville

Katherine Mead

Kris Paul

Sue Mason

Jamie Johnson

Bonnie Schulte

Bonnie Schulte's back of painting showing letter

Elizabeth Frank

Jodie Garrison

Jodie closeup of writing

Melissa McCoy

Felix Oliveros

Mark Poulin

Thomas Rude

Jo Warren

Joshua Stringer

Sue Favinger Smith

William Skrips

Robert Schlegel

Beth Robinson

Kim Robertson

Rebecca Roberts

Sally Prangley

Hilary Pfeifer

Lucy Hewitt

Leslie Peterson

Beth Palmer

Sandra (sloy) Nichols

Dave (nic) Nichols

Kim Murton

Alex Mitchell

Aislinn Adams

Nancy Eng

Harold Mason

Holly Ballard Martz

Anna Magruder

Laura Mack

Jeanne Levasseur

Darcie Leighty

Kristin Kuhns

Jessica Kreutter

Christine Kaiser

Jamie Johnson

Bonnie Hull

Lissa Hershleb

Carol Hausser

Laurie Hall

Sandy Hageman

Robin and John Gumalius

Antonio Greco

Barb Frels

Anne Goodwin

Patricia Giraud

Nancy Eng

Jan Gassner

Ruth Armitage

Carolyn Garcia

karen Croner

Valaree Cox

Dayna Collins

Stephanie Brockway

Paul Booth

Laura Berman

Dave Anderson

Aaron Kramer
"TreeHouse is filled with a tree people family. The Daddy tree picks up each of his children and tosses them into the air. Momentarily separating them from the safety of Mother Earth there is the instantaneous thrill of danger. At once play becomes a lesson in mortality. For that brief moment we "die" and are reborn in the knowledge that we are alive. Time is limited, so we need to embrace the now. Thrill to the moment."

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