Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our open house slash gallery

was today and I forgot to take photos!  I ended up chatting with so many friends that I ended up taking shots after everyone left.
So...I thought I'd at least post these to show how the gallery space looks and where I have placed my office and extra work.  Thank you all for stopping by today, the weather was perfect as well as everyone who came.

I love looking in after dark.

Gramps enjoyed the showing

On the left is a new Kristin Kuhns and below that is a Jed Thomas Monoprint.
Top right is Nyla Pilon and below that is "Yellow Sky" by Jon Colburn.

We gave out free passes to the Willamette University's Hallie Ford Museum and talked about the benefits of joining...Best kept secret in Salem.  

This is the new Kristin Kuhn's painting.

The large piece is by Robert Bibler, right of that (top down) is Jon Colburn, below that is Nancy Lindburg (sold) and below Nancy's is Darcie Leighty's landscape.
The colorful table is by Elizabeth McDonald.

On the panel to the left is John VanDreal's "Figure with Drape", below that is a small figure piece by Margie Lee.  On the wall, top left is Diane Culhane, below is Annie Meyer.  Top right is Robert Schlegel's house and below this is a piece by Patricia Giraud.  

Our ARTBLOX machine...ready for dispensing.

Sweet little piece by Dave Nichols...cardboard nude.

As always...a wonderful piece by Jon Jay Cruson.  Love.

These top two pieces are by Joshua need to see these up close.  
The bird is by Robert Schlegel.

Gramps waiting.  

From the gallery, looking back at the house.  Below is the office where we have our overflow of artwork.  

Walking from the house to the gallery, this is the back deck. 

Office and artwork

Room for visitors.  

My space..yes, that's an old refrigerator door on the wall.  

So...if you were unable to stop over today, be sure and give us a call and we'll be  happy to show you the space.  

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