Saturday, March 21, 2009



Lucky us.

I'm sure I've mentioned just how lucky we are to meet such amazing artists. We find ourselves in a dance of getting to know one another. We visit studios. We talk about life. We get to know their families.
For us to have artists as friends and representing them in the gallery is such a gift.

Monday, March 9, 2009

and so it seems......

.....that our economy has really taken it's toll on everyone, especially the creatives who I encounter. So a thought came to mind, why not shake things up a bit and attempt something that just make people smile, chuckle or at least shake their heads. We all know that art IS something that should make people think.....So we have an idea.

A few years ago we visited the Visionary Folk Art Museum in Baltimore and couldn't get over the various art exhibits. One that stuck in our minds was the "Bra Ball". Yes, it was a giant ball made from bras that resembled a rubberband ball.
Our minds went into action....why don't we make a "bra ball" of our own at the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.

First things first....we needed to contact the artist, Emily Duffy and ask her permission.
"Not that permission is mine to give, you certainly have my blessings to make a bra ball at your gallery. I'd be grateful for any visibility you'd like to give to the BraBall sculpture project." (thank you Emily!)

How do we begin? Just visit to get a glimpse of this giant colorful ball but also see the amazing process that Emily went through to create this sculpture.

What can you do? Send us your bras of course! Pass this onto your art friends, blog about it, link us...Artists like to create some stir and shake things up and we are ready! Grab that bra and paint it, stitch on it, write on it. Dedicate your bra to a breast cancer survivor or someone you what you'd like. Send your finished bra to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery and we'll photograph it and share it on the blog.

We will gather the bras over the next 5 months and then in October (Breast Cancer Month) begin assembling. Keep a close eye on our attempt to bring a smile to those that "think most artists are crazy". Let's keep them thinking.

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