Monday, September 26, 2011

Lights, Camera and......Action

OPB and the Art Beat Crew came to the gallery today. So exciting but terrifying. Everyone was extremely nice and so personable. They all settled into filming in the gallery and referenced the various artists whose studios they had visited. Lights were set up, make up was applied and prompters were in view. Even though the gallery is small, I think we made a big splash with our artists today. The walls looked great with fabulous paintings, the sculpture and ceramics stood out with great color...we all looked pretty great if I don't say myself. I do think they liked coming all the way down to Salem. The show will air October 6th so don't miss us!

Of course I couldn't help taking photos to document the day.

First was the make-up for the hosts. Our back room was cramped but seemed to work. I really didn't understand the needing of make-up though..Katrina and Jule looked beautiful before they even sat down in the chairs.

Setting up the computer so Jule and Katrina could read from the prompter.

Hiding the microphone on Jule

Adjusting the make-up on Katrina

Almost ready....


Did I mention that the gallery is small and we didn't have chairs? Jessica Martin the producer is sitting on the floor reviewing each scene.

Watching the shot on the monitor's my turn.

I'm now asked questions and am suppose to think about my answers...oh my.

and I said what????? Such a blur.

I spent a few minutes talking about our Face the Public show which will be happening when this segment airs.

And that's a wrap. Thank you OPB and Art Beat!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Bra Ball is movin' on

to a wonderful shop just a few doors down. For the month of October, Hot Mess Boutique will "host" our one of a kind bra ball! Artful bras are welcome, just bring them in and they'll be added to the ball.

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