Monday, August 23, 2010

My day off started

with going to the dentist. I realized that I could walk to the appointment and get some much needed "visual time"... which I did. Walking downtown and seeing little glimpses of nature, buildings and signs kept my mind off my appointment.
I think that artists often see differently. We see compositions, color and texture in almost everything around us. Today was one of those days...with my ipod and camera I was off to my appointment and destined to get some "visual stimulation".

One of my first discoveries was this wonderful little piece of nature down by Mill Creek. At the base of these steps was a rock where one could sit and watch the water drift by. I wondered if very many people knew about this treasure. I envisioned having dinner at this little table.

As I walked along the railroad tracks I had to stop for a self portrait, a "shadow" self portrait.

Next was this train with graffiti splashed on all the cars, rushing by with blurred images.

I survived the dentist! On my way home I walked through the grounds at the State Capital and photographed Bill Blix's beautiful sculpture. What a monumental water feature.

and more "shadow sculptures" (that's me on the left).

I stopped along the way to photograph bits of orange, one of my favorite colors.

I remembered about this hidden show at the Oregon State Library. My friend Rick Yurk from BAM agency told me about it so I had to stop in. The work is by artist Hugh Hayes. Hugh designed many of the signs and brochures for the Oregon Department of Forestry. Worth seeing.

I was easily distracted and took a little detour. I have always loved these two buildings, the shapes and colors are beautiful against the sky. Being a potter, these building shapes remind me of working in clay. I saw slabs, stains and textures.

After walking behind the large buildings, I walked down a railroad track and came upon a few was this giant number 4. Quiet moments were spent discovering.

Some interesting graffiti!

AND this giant button that begged me to push it and run. Nope...wanted to but I didn't.

On my way out I looked down to see this sign...oops.

Before leaving I came upon this little gem. I think it's used for trains??...I loved the sculptural elements of the shape, the peeling paint and the shiny lock. This was quite the find.

Just for comparison, this is a bad visual...why oh why. ugh.


Bridget B. said...

So glad you had some "eye candy" on your way to the dentist! said...

I enjoyed going on your walk too!

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