Friday, August 27, 2010

Letters and Lunchboxes...oh my

I recently visited Anne Furr's studio and viewed her work for our upcoming show...Letters and Lunchboxes.
Her studio is huge and has amazing envy by me!

As we sat and contemplated the show, Anne told me about each piece and her "hidden meanings".

Such as "Bullies on the Bus", a very personal experience when she was young.
"Bullies on the Bus is a real life story piece for me because I rode a school bus to school every day. These are some of the kids that rode on my bus. The bullies sat at the back of the bus and the girls sat in the middle, but not too far away from those "bad boys"-after all we had to have some fun. I sat with my best friend Audrey; she had blond hair that flipped perfectly. Our bus driver always looked unhappy and I wondered sometimes where he really wanted to take us - to jail or to school? But the bus would then screech to a halt, the door would swing open and the school bell would be ringing.

As I looked closer I had to chuckle when I she told me about this one: "Stuck at Home!"
You're stuck at home, staring out your front window. You wonder if you made the right decisions. You wonder if the ice skating would have been more fun than the ironing contest, even though you won by ironing more pillowcases than anyone else. You are the envy of the neighborhood with your rooftop award, your enormous gorgeous flowers and your perfect man. You have so much to do, but he tells you, "let's sit and have a cup of coffee and I'll tell you again about the evolution of clubs and balls."

And who doesn't LOVE Dick Tracey? "Call me for Lunch"
Of course this is Dick's last case. Three ruthless gangsters are just around the corner, waiting for him to show. It's a setup and he knows it. He needs time. He needs an out. He needs for you to call him for lunch. You know his number-go ahead and press the red button and call him.

Last but stunningly the coolest is Wonder Woman...who wouldn't want to be her!
She even has flashing lights! (it took me several shots to capture them on)

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