Tuesday, August 4, 2015

From Start to Finish...

This Spring, we removed a large mural by Alison O'Donoghue from the Salem Hospital's coffee and gift shop. (commissioned by the Salem Hospital Foundation)
The large colorful painting had a few damaged areas near the bottom edge where carts had accidentally hit it.

Randy and Dave from Affordable Framing (supermen!) were able to remove the seven large panels, they truck them to my house where my husband Alan repaired the damaged panels.
After the repair work was completed, Alison drove down to Salem for a day, she repainted the damaged areas and re-sealed all the panels.

It was a fun day of turning the kitchen into a large studio, we had every surface holding a panel for Alison to repaint.

After all the panels were good and dry, Randy moved all seven to the shop at Affordable Framing and he began the re framing.

When all was completed, we needed to return all the panels to the hospital and find a good home for the entire 21'.  We needed a place where it could be seen by many and not near an area where damage could happen again.  

After looking at many locations, we found a few spots where many people would enjoy them while visiting the hospital... BUT because this mural is 21' long and couldn't be carted around to various places for us to try on for size, I played with photoshop by virtually placing them onto the wall to see how it would look.  (see below)

From the computer, I was able to play with the seven separate parts. Most long areas were hallways where people pass by and wouldn't really enjoy them.  After much discussion and an okay from Alison, we decided to frame them into three different sections to fit a room.  We found the perfect place, the second floor of building A where many people need to wait for their loved ones after surgery. We measured and remeasured to make sure the piece would fit in between the fire alarm, plug ins and TV set.   

Yesterday, we were able to finally hang the mural. (see below) 
It fills the space and adds so much color to this waiting area.  

Thank you to Randy and Dave from Affordable Framing.  They measured, drilled and attached the secure hangers on the back and then hefted the heavy pieces in place.    

After placing all the chairs and tables back into place, I stood taking these final photos before leaving.

While walking away I was stopped by a woman who was sitting in a chair nearby.   She smiled at me and said "Thank you, I love this...it makes me happy and it helps me take my mind off of why I'm here"

That made my day.


Janice Ames said...

Beautiful! I've been in that waiting area at Salem Hospital. This beautiful art will calm, distract and inspire many. Thanks for sharing!

leftedge said...

A massive undertaking. Great to hear that the mural is not only restored, but hanging in an even more perfect location. kudos to you mary lou and alison.

leftedge said...

mary lou, this may appear twice as tho i pressed "publish" this form appeared again, empty. this was an immense undertaking but a fine ending to the sad tale of vandalizing art. kudos to you and to allison.

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