Thursday, November 13, 2014

Being Different

Being different in a good way   


Change is good, but I hear at times...
"I'm sorry you closed your downtown gallery"

To that I say..."I'm still the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery but now am different but in a good way and I'm in a different location".

For some, grasping this type of change of having a retail space open each day vs having an appointment only space causes one to ponder.   

I still represent incredible artists.

                                                                         Bonnie Hull

 Sue-Del McCulloch

                                                                        David Cohen

Nancy Lindburg

 Kim Murton

sandra and dave nichols

                                                                        Kristin Kuhns


I now have time to visit studios where I can connect the client and the artist.

 I have time to visit clients homes and offices. I'm able to work one on one, helping them find the perfect artwork.  

 I will continue "popping up" with shows in public spaces.

I now have more time to be involved in our community by serving on two boards...Oregon Artists Series Foundation and the Salem Public Arts Commission.  

So I may not be the place where you walk in and browse but I am easy to find.  Visit our website to see our fabulous artists, stay in touch by reading our blog and please don't hesitate to call when you need that perfect piece of art.

If you happen to visit the Willamette University's Hallie Ford Museum of Art, you will find their spectacular Museum Store, there you will find many of our ceramic and mixed media artists.  

Seeing the Hallie Ford Museum of Art is a must, supporting them is even better!  

I like being different in a good way.

New work from Bill Skrips! 

I met Bill many years ago while visiting Philadelphia and we've remained good friends since.  I love his work and wanted to pass on a few of his latest wall sculptures. Available and ready to hang on your wall to give you a smile.

                                                     Tin Chihauhua 12.5" X 9.5" X 2"

                                                           Insectile  12" x 12" x 2" 

                                                          Bully 15" X 12" X 2.5" 

A Studio Visit

Ash Street Project Studios

Thomas Orr and Joanna Bloom at their Ash Street Studio...a must see when you are in Portland.  

See you soon!

Life is good.
Mary Lou

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