Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Did I mention...

That I've been working on a project for the gallery?

It all started with finding a cigarette machine at an estate sale.  It was pretty old and very retro.  I knew it had great possibilities!

My first step was to clean the machine and pick a paint color....I couldn't believe that there was such a perfect GREEN spray paint favorite!

The next step was to come up with a name.  
ARTBLOX was the brainchild of Rick Yurk, owner of the BAM Agency.  He saw the various blocks of art that I had done for the machine and came up with the "look".
All the blocks will be randomly placed into the machine which makes for that perfect "art surprise".

The blocks are the size of a cigarette package and will dispense after placing a token in the machine.  You will be able to purchased these tokens at the gallery when the machine debuts December 4th (which is when we have ALL of our holiday items out front, packing the gallery with cheer!)  

Proceeds will be placed in our ARTISTS-IN-NEED Fund which has helped many artists over the years. 
Each block comes with a warning: 

Warning:  May cause inspiration, spontaneous laughter or uncontrollable dancing.  If ensuing conversation about art last more than three hours, please contact the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery

Here are just a few of the many artists who are creating ARTBLOX for the machine.

Kim Murton
Jenny Gray
Valaree Cox
Jerrol Eshleman
Renee Hartig 
Denise Graham 
Dave Andersen
Melanie Weston
Ruth Armitage
Joe Sitco
Bill Skrips
Dayna Collins
Holly Ballard Martz
Jon Jay Cruson
Anne Goodrich
Bill Schlegel
Carolyn Garcia
Therese Murdza
Kristin Kuhns
Marcy Baker
Diane Culhane
Stephanie Brockway
Jon Colburn
Irene Longaker
Chris Giffin
Alison O'Donogue
Mary Lou Zeek

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