Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our new show "Upcycle"

is all that we thought it would be.  Below is the large arrow that we found at Habitat for Humanity.  We added the lights after painting the bulbs yellow and felt it was perfect for this show.

We had so many pieces that we were a bit stumped as to where to put everything.  
As usual, Alan and I sit and have coffee and draw our ideas on napkins...this show took quite a few napkins for us to figure it out.

The large platters on the walls were created by Boris Bally....amazing artist!  We were lucky to visit his studio a few years ago while visiting Rhode Island.  

These gas can lights were made by Adam (or son) while down in California being the site manager for Salvation Mountain.  Adam explained that these "desert lamps" were both products of long walks in the desert.  In Slab City (next to Salvation Mountain), they refer to it as "Desert Shopping" but essentially it is walking around and picking up stuff.  Adam was pleased to find these gas cans in a wash from a recent storm.  He wired them and board all holes using few and basic tools.  As Adam said..."Both of these show the soft beauty of old rusty stuff".  We love them.

This is a lamp made by Alan using an old wire basket that was picked up at Fairview Hospital when they were dismantling the contents of the old buildings.  We aren't really sure what it was used for but Alan felt it would be a perfect lamp shade.  The base is an old surveyor's tripod...woven between the wires of the shade, he has used paint colors

Alan's two beautiful water ski chairs flank the West side of the gallery space.  Using antique water skis, these chairs are comfortable and unique.

The lounge chair below the sign is made from an old hand truck that was used to move trees.  Alan used foundry molds, water skis and wood when creating this piece...of course it can be moved easily because it's on wheels!  He likes to call this "Cut to the Chaise"

Paper Airplanes...well not really paper, these are made from metal signs! I don't think I'd try to fly these across a room but do think they'd look great sitting on a pile of books or on a desk.  
I met Brian while visiting in Portland and loved his work and of course these little airplanes!

What can we say about one of our favorite people, William Skrips!  He is a true recycler who has a great sense of humor!  

Jill Torberson brought down two large outside sculptures and a couple of tumbleweeds.  Lucky for us, we have 14' ceilings and they look fantastic in the gallery space.  

We open on Tuesday and will have our Artist Reception on Wednesday at 5...see you at the gallery!

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