Monday, March 5, 2012

Shine a Light - Artists Illuminate

Lighting...we think it sets the mood for any room in a home. For this show, I wanted to share "artful lighting".

We need lights...we turn them on every evening for reading, we use them to keep from tripping over furniture, but most of all I love the feel when I welcome company into our home. We turn them on every evening to calm our homes and welcome the evening....why not do this with art lights.

I've always had a hard time finding unique lighting and dread turning on overhead lights. They seem to blare or scream "look at all that dust", "look over you see THAT cobweb?". house isn't that dusty but at night, I do love coming home to turn on my lamps that have been created by artists. Each time I feel the soft glow it gives to that special spot next to the fireplace where I can read a book and relax.

This show offers that unique experience with lighting. We hope you enjoy.

Dave Andersen offers a unique perspective for his wall hung light. Turn it on and see the globe rotate.

Barb Campbell offers soft lighting with her table pieces...using candles for light.

This shows the East wall of the gallery.

A few of the lights are small and hold surprising inside details like this light by John Feskens.

Chris Giffin's unique side table lamp shares her love for mixed media.

Chris Giffin offers another table lamp that glows within

Chris Giffin also created this beautiful standing lamp using a tripod, a birdcage with woven tape measures.

Here's a close-up showing the shade.

We also have hanging lamps made by Iam Quang & Kesterel Gates using paper and wax.

Javier Cervantes has created ceramic pieces for candles. The small pinhole lights shine throughout a room casting tiny beams.

Here is a closeup.

Jimmy Descant has created one of his fantastic "rocket" pieces. I will also mention that I just saw his show at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. Lucky us to have one of his pieces for this show! Notice the flickering light? A must see.

Joline Ei-Hai offers a unique take on lighting. This delicate piece showing hands holding a bird which has been inset into this traveling suitcase. Charming.

Katy DeMent created this boxed paper lamp.

Bill Skrips never lets us down with his playful use of found materials.

See a close up of his wood carving.

Steve Thompson's light stands beautifully.

A closer look

Jill Toberson adds lighting for that outdoor space. Sculpture and lights.

We hope to see you at the gallery for this wonderful show!

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