Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Years....

and we think we are still looking pretty good!

It's hard to believe but we are celebrating our 10th year at the gallery today. I pulled out our first show card

Kristin Kuhns was our first show...we "tongue in cheek" asked everyone to wear black shoes for the opening...I wore green. I guess that was my first statement of having the gallery, trying to be a little different for Salem. I've been pulling out old mailers and photos that document the last 10 years and can't believe how the gallery has changed.

We have had 5 Door Shows...

9 100 Artist shows which raised money for many charities...(thank you artists for all your beautiful work!)

Face the Public shows where we have raised money for artists in need. By doing this show, these artists helped with funeral expenses, cancer treatments, hospital bills and lots of good will for their fellow artists.

We were given the opportunity to transform a old iconic hotel...Different Spokes show

We had artists gather to create a "bra ball" to raise awareness for breast cancer

We hosted "art camps" at the beach and hung out with our artists

We've helped artists with commissions and have placed art throughout Salem and beyond.

We've delivered artwork...

We've opened our second gallery space called Gallery 2...we love meeting our clients to discuss their needs.

We've had small openings in Gallery 2

and just remodeled the gallery

we are still here and are looking for another 10 years of bringing art to all of our wonderful patrons...we at the gallery and the artists appreciate all the support over these last 10 years.
Thank you.


Ruth Armitage said...

Happy Anniversary Mary Lou! You've done an amazing amount of work in just 10 short years :) Thanks for all you do for us as artists to help bring our work to the community!

Kri Kri said...

Congratulations on a colorful 10 years! What a great accomplishment! I enjoyed the historical review.

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