Thursday, September 23, 2010

Really now.......

I just got home from vacation and was excited to learn about the happenings around town by reading the Statesman Journal.
I was a little surprised at what I found. I understand that imitation can be the best form of flattery but really now...

This is what has happened.....Someone has taken our "Door Show" concept and has decided to copy us. We agree, this idea that we came up with many years ago was REALLY good.

We LOVED our idea so much that we have spent thousands of dollars promoting and perfecting this show. (Did I mention how much we LOVED OUR IDEA!!!??) We know that some people can take an idea, change it up a bit and create something fun and fresh. But....this didn't happen. The people who took our idea also used most of the wording from our past Four Door Show press releases! Come on now...( did I mention that this business is just down the street from us? )
A while ago, these people asked me for "ideas" to help them fundraise for their event. I happily spent time with them, gave them some great ideas that would have been unique for them ( I NEVER offer them to use our Door Show idea to use as their own).
We are just sad that they didn't come up with their own idea.

Sour grapes? yup.

So...if you see something that comes up in October about doors, it's not us. You'll see us this coming May with our Original Door Show #5.
okay...I've vented and you won't hear another word about it.


Ruth Armitage said...

Unbelievable Gall.

Apifera Farm said...

that stinks, and will backfire somehow down the road.

Jeanne Levasseur said...

I can't believe they'd do that. So sad.

Nancy Eng said...

Wow! What nerve!

Nancy Eng said...

Wow! What nerve!

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