Monday, October 13, 2008

Behind the scenes

We began the process of planning our 100 Artist show during the month of August. You can see how my kitchen table became my production space for preparing the books before they were sent out to the many artists.

To begin we try to figure out what to send. This year we decided to send old books. We began collecting and deciding just how to prepare them for the mailing. This year we had a bit more to think about and that was to figure just how we could hold each book closed. Seemed pretty simple to me until I met the man at the post office with 100 books in my arms with my eager face. First off, the post office wouldn't allow us to tie the books together with twine or even use a rubber band. What's a person to do? I just didn't fit into their little outline of the perfect shipper. "Oh, you are an artist....shipping to other artists.." I became a novelty.

And yes... the post office person thought I was a bit nuts...they couldn't quite understand why I was sending the book "as is" and why I wouldn't want to place each book in a little box. What perplexed them more is that I wanted actual stamps (and my god..."she wants to pick them out herself and not use our metered sticker?!#*). I was never good at following directions!

When I finished I was pleased with the outcome and love the idea of these books passing through many hands across the country and then landing on the doorstep of each artist.

When leaving the post office I couldn't help but's fun messing with the system.

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Ruth Armitage said...

And we love being on the receiving end of all those fabulously creative, buck the system packages!

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